Security and compliance

Security is an aspect of product development that is often ignored until it’s too late. As more and more high profile data breaches come to light, it’s in every product developer’s interest to have security front and center of product development. There are two areas of security that we focus on in SaaS product development.

More often than not, application security is found lacking and the only way to prevent attacks on weak code security practices is to ensure that code review processes have security elements included and then to perform internal or third party penetration testing to prove that the system doesn’t have security flaws. We have done these activities internally and have coordinated with third parties where separation of responsibilities is desirable.

Applications that are built for performance can save the startup company money by using less cloud infrastructure and support more users as products scale. Products build with scalability in mind are able to scale the parts of the system that requires more infrastructure individually while not scaling others that don’t. Our products are used by millions of users and we know a thing or two about application performance and scalability.

Having monitored several products, we now have a framework for monitoring cloud products that we can quickly setup for our clients to monitor availability, performance, and application errors. This enables SaaS products to run flawlessly from the perspective of its users because any issues are caught and fixed before users realize.

Many SaaS and almost all of our products are built for specific industries or e-commerce and hence integrating with other software in the industry is necessary for seamless communication, and ultimately product adoption.

This is another area where we have significant experience that helps us build successful products. Following are some integrations we have performed, the expertise acquired from which continue to serve us well.

Enterprise Software Delivery

Ockarsoft is a full-spectrum software delivery partner for mid-market and large enterprises looking to accelerate or evolve their IT engineering or build custom software.