Benefits in hiring a dedicated information technical team.

Our company helps find IT specialists for various software projects, using a dedicated team as an effective engagement model. We determine the customer’s needs to select and hire a team of developers necessary for a successful product development process.

Educed Hiring Costs

Saving thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in software development costs with a dedicated team

Consistent Quality

Standardized Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes allow us to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

Complete Flexibility

We have multiple options for engagement models, support, payment schedule. In case you need to increase or decrease the development team in amount or rate, we practice a flexible approach to this matter.

End-to-End Development

Every project starts with business analysis and planning, undergoes all the vital stages like design, testing, development, deployment, and ends with a closure stage.

More than 250 Qualified Specialists

Our offshore software development company has over 250 software developers, test engineers, business analysts, project managers with strong expertise in 10 business domains.


Ockarsoft’s key values allow the team to find and produce effective solutions for our clients, focus on the productive work process, and enjoy every moment at work.

We organize a team of niche experts that show a high level of technical competence. They are willing to dig into the client’s business idea to come up with software products that meet all the business needs

We offer solutions that are easily adaptable to fast-evolving business trends, changing conditions on the market and other practices that may arise in the industry

We stick to the business model according to which everyone in our team can express all possible ideas to bring real values for each of the projects developed by Ockarsoft.

We are fully flexible in the business' work process and ready to provide development services tailored to individual needs and requirements

We stimulate the interest of our specialists to grow professionally in diverse directions that allow us to deliver fully-fledged software products with full functionality

We develop maximum effective tech solutions for our clients so that they could be 100% satisfied with all the results in business activities and return to us again and again

We are always open to all suggestions both from team members and clients to provide totally transparent processes in the workflow and effective cooperation.


We analyze your requirements and offer only effective solutions to achieve results and goals for your specific business needs